About us

Innovative technology for bridge and viaduct construction

7,500,000sqm of decks worldwide

DEAL is a leader in offering customized solutions for bridge and viaduct construction. With completed projects in more than 40 countries, DEAL has built 7,500,000sqm of decks around the world.

A full set of solutions

As the engineering partner to its clients, DEAL can guarantee most suitable solutions for their needs which includes not only equipment but also engineering services and technical assistance.

35 successful years in the business

In more than 35 years of activity, DEAL has successfully faced many challenges and has gained experience in different construction fields, regulations and cultures.

Timely execution and quality

DEAL delivers all of its services and engineering solutions with the highest standards of quality and in a timely manner.

Staying one step ahead

DEAL always strives to find new and innovative solutions to assist its clients in their tasks: from distance-controlled equipment, to application of its technology in different fields, to environment-friendly solutions. 

Skilled and experienced personnel

All staff at DEAL has had experience on construction sites, so they are better equipped to understand the client’s needs and concerns.  

Our history

  • 1980s
  • 1994
  • 2011
  • Today

A new support unit, specializing in high-technology design and manufacturing of innovative custom-built equipment for construction of bridges and viaducts, is born within Rizzani de Eccher.

The support unit soon achieves astounding success in this high-value-added niche market and becomes a company named DEAL, wholly-owned by Gruppo de Eccher, operating worldwide and offering its custom-made services to external contractors as well.

DEAL acquires TENSA, a leader in stay cables, post tensioning, ground anchors, bearings, expansion joints and seismic devices. DEAL and TENSA together can provide fully integrated engineering and equipment solutions that offer the best value proposals.   

DEAL is a world leader in the construction field and is growing rapidly.

Key figures

surface by method 1980-2016
deck surface with deal equipment

Our solutions

Experience, dedication and qualification are the key components which ensure that our services are delivered with the highest standards of quality and accuracy.  

Thanks to the synergic relationship with our subsidiary TENSA, we provide fully integrated engineering and equipment solutions that offer the best-value proposals. 

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