To continuously improve the methods and quality of construction processes, the well-known approach based on research, innovation and cooperation with designers, engineers and contractors is required but not sufficient.

We trust in timely execution and quality as key fundamentals for a deep partnerships with our clients:

  • DEAL, along with its offer for services (that range from conceptual and detailed design of pre-fabrication and erection systems, to the design and supply of specialised equipment) on one side;
  • TENSA, along with its offer for technological services and systems (stay cables and post tensioning systems, seismic devices, structural bearings and expansion joints) on the other side;
  • DEAL AND TENSA TOGETHER are able to provide turn-key solutions as a unique partner able to manage each challenging phase of construction as one.

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Experience, dedication and qualification are the key components which ensure that our services are delivered with the highest standards of quality and accuracy.  

Thanks to the synergic relationship with our subsidiary TENSA, we provide fully integrated engineering and equipment solutions that offer the best-value proposals. 

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